Maximizing Physical Potential™ is a very effective self-hypnosis program in MP3 form that takes the need for will power out of work outs.

Jason Wittman, MPS, Certified Hypnotherapist, tells how he developed this self-hypnosis program and the results he got when he used his own program.

[This video is not of the best quality having been shot many years ago on a format that had to be translated to the new MP4 – the audio is fine. If the fuzziness bothers you, please shut your eyes and just listen.]

It includes two programs. The first, “Restful Relaxation – Deep Sleep” is a progressive relaxation program that will get you used to going into a very relaxing trance-state. Unless you are a used to quickly getting into that type of a state because of past experience with self-hypnosis or meditation, I recommend using this program for about 6 days before listening to the main program. this is because the main program does not have a very long count-down into a trance. The second program is the Maximizing Physical Potential™ program. This investment in your future physical fitness is $13.95

For detailed instructions, please refer to the separate instruction page.

Upon purchase you will automaticaly be taken to a download page where you will be able to download both of the programs.

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