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My experience using my own program

On this short video, I describe how I developed this self-hypnosis program and the results I got when I used my own program.

[This video is not of the best quality having been shot many years ago on a format that had to be translated to the new MP4 – the audio is fine. If the fuzziness bothers you, please shut your eyes and just listen.]

Thank you for checking out this new site and hopefully you have already purchased the MP3s so you can be on your way to great workouts. I plan to use this blog space to post articles on topics of interest in the areas of physical fitness, physical health and the mind/body connection. Some of the posts will be written by me and I will also post articles by other authorities on these subjects. I have added a forum to the site so that this can be a community conversation.

Please let me know how I can make this a better experience for you. There isn’t a contact page, yet, so just email me at jason@mycoachjason.com